Kind-hearted Widow Leaves $4 Million Mansion To Help Homeless Kids

Credit: Sydney Herald
Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

Lily Fardell never raised any children of her own, but she’s helping a number of kids live better lives thanks to her generous spirit.

Fardell, dubbed the ‘Fair Lady of The Hill‘, is remembered in her New South Wales, Australian community as being a generous, loving individual. The positivity and good will she brought to others in her life is extending beyond the grave, too.

After her death earlier this year, her final will declared that her grand old home – known as Pacific House – be auctioned along with its contents to support charity. All the proceeds were to go towards services for homeless children run by St. Vincent de Paul in Newcastle.

As The Sydney Morning Herald reports, the gargantuan house sold at auction for an incredible $2.35 million dollars. In addition to other valuable sculptures, furniture, and antiques auctioned off, the total amount of her donation to St. Vincent de Paul was near $4 million. 

Credit: Sydney Morning Herald
Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

Some of the items included bronze statues, garden statues, ornate banquet lamps, artworks, fine glassware and silver service sets. There was even a 1752 bronze replica of the famous Liberty Bell.

Friends and family spoke highly of Lily Fardell. Said her nephew, Michael Ellis, who spent the past fifteen years looking after Lily after the passing of her husband:

“She couldn’t’ have children of her own. She loved children an left almost everything she had to charity which supported them.”

What a beautiful way to pass on treasures gifted in this life to those will no doubt benefit from the support.

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