Leaked Emails Prove DNC Conspired Against Bernie Sanders, Trump Uses Embarrassment To Rally Voters

Credit: bizpacreview.com
Credit: bizpacreview.com

It became exceptionally clear after the California primaries that the Democratic election was rigged against Bernie Sanders, but only recently was the conspiracy proven to be true when nearly 20,000 private emails were released to the public.

On Friday, WikiLeaks posted thousands of emails sent or received by a handful of top committee officials with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as well as provided an online tool to search through them. No source of the leak was revealed, but it was relayed by the committee last month that Russian hackers had penetrated its computer system.

Though the DNC maintains that it was neutral in the race, the opposite seems to be so. Countless times, Bernie Sanders is mocked and criticized by members of the organization.

NY Times relays that in one email, Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz of Florida, who is the committee’s chairwoman, relays that she favored Hillary Clinton over Mr. Sanders. And, in an email dated May 21st, community communications official Mark Paustenbach wrote to a colleague about the necessity of urging reporters to write that Sanders’ campaign was “a mess”. Apparently, he wanted the press to believe that the committee’s servers gave it access to Clinton voter data.

Mr. Paustenbach wrote the following to Luis Miranda, the communications director for the committee:

“Wondering if there’s a good Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess.”

Miranda replied:

“True, but the Chair has been advised to not engage. So we’ll have to leave it alone.”

Numerous times, Bernie Sanders has claimed that the Democratic National Committee has treated him unfairly. These emails only affirm that.

In the wake of the leaked emails, many members of the public – including notable figures such as Dr. Jill Stein – have expressed their disgust with the system and their disappointment in the officials’ embarrassing behavior.



Of course, not everyone views the leaked emails as a bad thing. Donald Trump is exceptionally happy about the transparency which was gifted to the public and quickly took to Twitter to reach out to Sanders supporters who feel their candidate didn’t get a fair shake in the primaries.

Many who support the Vermont Senator generally agree that the political process is rigged to support establishment candidates, which is why Trump is trying to find solidarity on this issue.

On Thursday, he also appealed to former Sanders supporters while he accepted the GOP’s presidential nomination at the Quicken Loans Area in Cleveland. He said:

“I have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens, just like it was rigged against Bernie Sanders — he never had a chance. But his supporters will join our movement, because we will fix his biggest issue: trade.”

Yahoo News relays that the business mogul also argued that the world is less safe after Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State under President Obama.

“Her bad instincts and her bad judgment — something pointed out by Bernie Sanders — are what caused the disasters unfolding today,” he said.

Will his attempt to extend an olive branch to Sanders supporters win him the role of POTUS? Or will this latest revelation result in a revolution by those who are disenchanted with government corruption and are ready for change?

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