Lucy Is A Robotic Daylighting System That Directs Sunlight Right Where You Need It

Credit: Inhabitat
Credit: Inhabitat

While most solar-powered appliances are focused on providing artificial light and energy for when natural light outside fades into the night, this innovative device shines when there is still daylight outside.

Lucy is a simple, easy-to-use appliance that can be placed in any space with no installation in order to illuminate even the darkest of rooms.

The solar-powered, wire-free system works to light up the naturally dark rooms of our home that have small windows and are perfect for people looking to brighten up their everyday spaces without turning on artificial, indoor lighting.

Lucy is a small orb with several mirrors, a pointer, and a stand so that it can rest on any flat surface and be directed anywhere that a user might need more sunlight. It can be placed either in an outdoor or indoor location where it receives direct sunlight and pointed towards the area inside the home that needs the light.

Credit: Spring Wise
Credit: Spring Wise

After being pointed in the right direction, it intelligently tracks the sun’s movement to keep the light pointed in the right direction, regardless of the sun’s position.

According to Solenica, the company behind Lucy, a 250-square-foot room needs only 5,000 lumens to be a properly-lit room and feel well-illuminated. Lucy can redirect a maximum of 7,000 lumens, with weather conditions permitting, so she can handle even more light than is necessary to light up a space.

This is a great addition to a home because it can completely transform the way you interact in your spaces in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. For those that want more natural light in the kitchen for better looking food, or more sunlight in the living room to reach your many houseplants, Lucy could be the solution.

Solenica points out that benefits for getting more sunlight throughout the day include better sleep, enhanced mood, and the immeasurable amount of money saved on energy bills.

Credit: Solenica
Credit: Solenica

The additional sunlight can more concretely set up your circadian rhythm, which determines how well you sleep and for how long, and it helps you to be more alert and productive throughout the day. More sunlight also aids people who typically get the “winter blues” and are adversely affected by the change in seasons, as the light helps the brain produce serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone.”

Lucy seems like a great catch, but she isn’t available just yet. Solenica is set to have an Indiegogo account set up to fund this awesome project, and one article mentioned that Lucy modules are already being pre-sold for $200.

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