Mother Exposes Reality Of Postpartum Depression With These 5 Photographs

This woman wanted to show the not-so-beautiful side of motherhood that few want to talk about on social media.

When a pregnancy is announced on social media, usually the expecting mother or couple shares the good news with a glamorized photo shoot. Statements such as “I feel so connected” or “I’ve got the glow” abound. Even after the child is born, the highlight reel of taking care of the infant, then a toddler, then teenager continues. According to Kathy DiVencenzo and many other parents, this trend sets an unrealistic standard for parents around the world to live up to and may, like the selfie trend, cause some to feel bad about themselves.

It is for this reason that DiVincenzo, a mother of two, decided to partner with a friend and photographer to showcase the not-so-beautiful and more truthful side of motherhood. Kathy suffers from postpartum depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a result, she often feels as if she is the only one struggling as a parent. Her ultimate goal with the series of photos is to spread awareness about postpartum depression and to remind others that they are not alone.

The photographs do a great job showcasing what postpartum depression is like. Reportedly, one moment you’re up and the next you’re down, lacking the strength to leave your bed. Kathy’s Facebook post has definitely helped encourage other mothers in their struggle with postpartum depression and raise awareness about the “ugly” side of motherhood no one talks about. She wrote,

“Let’s show others that they don’t have to suffer in silence.”

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