Must-Watch: Journalist Loses His Mind, Exposes The Real FKN Economy

Wouldn’t it be great if more journalists questioned the enormous lies they are paid to tell on a daily basis? Very few anchors and reporters ever lose their heads on air, but the exceptional few who do dare to speak their minds are quite rightly lauded as heroic voices in the wilderness.

This highly entertaining clip of a news reporter losing his temper with the establishment is a fun thought experiment: how many media professionals would love to do the same? Jonathan Pie isn’t impressed with jargon used during his report and complains to his producers. Here is the REAL fkn news, with a funny and brutally honest delivery.

“Those bast*rd banks that destroyed an entire planet’s economy, has just recorded record profits. Yay”

It is tough to report on the profits the banks make while we still cannot afford to buy or even rent a house in London.

Disclaimer: We should make it clear that Jonathan Pie is a comedy character, not a real reporter! Sorry to disappoint, but his angry rant is well worth sharing in any case. The sketch serves as an amusing parody of the mainstream news, a thought-provoking and very effective way of criticizing news reporting and an accurate portrayal of the bulls**t fed to us by those who want to control our opinions on world events.

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