New Bionic Lens Could Give You Vision BETTER Than 20/20 For Life!

Credit: Ocumetics Technology Corp
Credit: Ocumetics Technology Corp

Better-than-perfect vision is a thing of science-fiction, right? Not anymore!

According to Business Insider, the new Ocumuetics Bionic Lens implant could remedy impaired vision forever. Invented by Dr. Garth Webb of Ocumetics Technology Corp, the lens will go beyond offering standard 20/20 vision and give patients the super power of seeing three times better.

The innovative invention was presented last month at a cataract and refractive surgery conference after its development took over eight years of research and experimentation. The project itself cost a whopping $3 million in funding for research, international patents, and trials. Dr. Webb says that with his procedure, which takes just eight painless minutes, every person could have extraordinary vision.

Credit: Ocumetics Technology Corp

Different than working like a contact lens, the Bionic Lens acts similarly to cataract surgery, adhering to the eye’s natural lens. The procedure can be done in an out patents office, its steps simply having a saline solution with the lens flushed into the eye with a syringe. After 10 seconds, the folded lens opens up and moves itself over the eye’s natural lens.

Webb says that immediately after the procedure, vision is totally corrected. It then should allow patients to see farther and more clearly.

In addition, patients with the bionic lens implanted would be safeguarded against cataracts in the future. This is because the lens strengthens the eye’s natural lens which is prone to decay. The procedure is also thought to be safer than invasive laser surgery due to the simple saline-flush process.

If all goes well in future trials, Dr. Webb hopes his patent will be available as soon as 2017.

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