NYPD Raid Wrong House, Then Humiliate Terrified Family

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A Brooklyn family fell victim to a display of twisted police humor last Friday when their home was mistakenly raided by the NYPD. NY police officers forced the family into handcuffs, claiming that they were searching for a suspect in the area and had a warrant to search their home. The family had no connection and did not know of the alleged suspect. While police officers searched the house for over three hours, while the family was forcibly restrained in their own home, one of the police officers took pictures of them with his phone as they lied helplessly handcuffed on and around their sofa.

However, this “officer of the law” didn’t stop there. He then shared the pictures on social media with the captions “Merry Christmas It’s NYPD” and “Warrant Sweeps, It’s Still a Party SMH.” According to ABC-7 in New York, the family was so upset by the incident that they immediately called 911 to report the officers. “The worst part was the Snapchats,” Kimberly Santiago, one of the people wrongfully arrested in Thursday’s incident, told ABC. “He doesn’t deserve to be a police officer. If he does that, what other things he does on the low that nobody knows?”Though the name of the officer and his partners have yet to be released, the department suspended the officer presiding over the raid without pay.

Unfortunately, these mistaken raids seem to happen all too often. Wilson Almendarez, filed a federal lawsuit last week seeking damages in excess of $250,000 against Hollywood Police after they murdered his 6-year-old pit bull during a mistaken raid. A swarm of officers had stormed his apartment, allegedly searching for a man who’d been arrested the day before. “I couldn’t bear to see her dead like that,” Almendarez said. “I don’t understand why he had to shoot her six times.” Another similar example took place in Spokane county, where another house was mistakenly raided. Conner Guerrero was just trying to enjoy his evening when all of a sudden he saw flashlights lurking in his yard. At first, he thought it was burglars but he soon realized he was mistaken when he saw a gun pointed in his face and heard a man yell “Sheriff’s office!”. He was soon brought down to his knees because deputies reported that Guerrero was trespassing. After checking Mr. Guerrero’s ID, they were able to conclude that he did live there and that they had the wrong house. Not only did they have the wrong house but according to Guerrero, the police officers showed a lack of professionalism when they verbally assaulted him telling him he was lucky they didn’t shoot him in the face.

Adding insult to injury, such behavior seems to be a trend during US police raids of civilian homes. Unnecessary photos and comments such as the case of the Brooklyn family, saying “Merry Christmas, its NYPD!” and an excess of bullets to a harmless dog seem to be only the tip of the iceberg of foul-ups by local US police departments. In Georgia, police threw a flash-bang grenade into the crib of a toddler during a “no-knock” raid. Police, once again, had raided the wrong home – claiming to have been looking for drugs they did not find. However, the toddler, who took a grenade to the face, had to be placed in a medically induced coma after his face was covered in severe burns. These reports, among numerous other examples in years prior, have most definitely put the credibility and professionalism of US police into question. A question that remains to be answered is how can future mishaps be prevented? Especially such cases which so blatantly violate citizen rights? Furthermore, will any of these traumatized families ever get their apology?

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