Officer Rescues Drowning Deer From Pool With Quick-Thinking

Credit: New Jersey Police Department
Credit: New Jersey Police Department

Considering the violence that’s taking place near the Standing Rock protest camp(s) in North Dakota, it’s heartening to hear of an officer who is doing his best to help others. Recently, Officer Dwayne Phillips of the New Jersey Police Department was dispatched to a home in Harmony Township where a deer was drowning in a backyard swimming pool. It was clear to him that the animal had been struggling for quite some time and wouldn’t last much longer.

Though law enforcement workers are rarely taught how to handle situations such as this, they are taught to think on their feet, says Phillips. The Police Department wrote on Facebook:

“It was clear that the buck had been struggling for quite some time. Now believe it or not, we don’t necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer, but we do teach them how to think on their feet and adapt and improvise when a peculiar situation presents itself.”

The plan of action was definitely unique. Phillips grabbed the deer by its horns and hauled it over the side of the pool. Because it was so tired, the policeman was able to grab a quick photo (above) with himself and the deer before it regained its strength and trotted off.

“There is always the possibility of serious injury or worse when trying to rescue a drowning victim and even more so when the victim is a wild animal. But this trooper did an outstanding job!”wrote the Department.

Trooper Rescues Drowning DeerThe most rewarding thing that we can do as troopers is to save a life, human or animal. …

Posted by New Jersey State Police on Sunday, October 23, 2016

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