Pokemon GO Players Saved A Puppy’s Life While Searching For Jigglypuff

Credit: Kaitlin Kouts
Credit: Kaitlin Kouts

Two young women were waiting for a pizza delivery last week when they decided, like many others, to search for a nearby Pokemon on the app Pokemon GO. The app lets users search for and collect Pokemon in various areas by using their phone screen to spot the creatures.

The newly-popular app has inadvertently led to both good and bad scenarios, such as a planned armed robbery and one player’s discovery of a dead body. For one puppy, Pokemon GO played an important part in his rescue from abuse and abandonment.

The women from Texas, Kaitlin Kouts and Tiffany Revay, were searching for a Jigglypuff that was supposed to be at a nearby dead end street when instead, they discovered a sick and injured puppy. Kouts told This Dog’s Life,

“We checked his ears and gums and they were blue. One nail was torn off and his chin was bleeding.”

She said the pup was lethargic but managed to wag his tail a couple times. A nearby trash bag seemed to indicate that whoever left the puppy there originally intended on suffocating him with the bag.

At first, the two asked neighbors about the dog, but no one had any information. At the same time, the pizza delivery guy, Skyler Jerke, called to say that he had arrived. They informed him of their situation and he said he would wait.

Revay went back to the home to meet Jerke so he could get back to work, but instead Jerke wanted to see the puppy. Coincidentally, he happened to be EMT certified and was able to help determine what the problem was with the dog.

Credit: Kaitlin Kouts
Credit: Kaitlin Kouts

Jerke wrapped the puppy’s legs as he could see that at least one of them was broken.

The group called Animal Control because they didn’t know that the pup’s injuries would likely earn him a spot on the list of dogs to be euthanized at a high-kill shelter. Luckily, with the help and advocacy of the two women who found him, the puppy was picked up by a rescue called Wendy’s Misfits and has since found a foster home.

The puppy was rightfully named Pokey after the game that helped caring people find him and he is now safe with his temporary family. One of Pokey’s back legs was broken clean through and the other had a hairline fracture.

Credit: Lone Star Veterinary Clinic
Credit: Lone Star Veterinary Clinic

Since his injuries had gone untreated for several days, he needed surgery and the rescue started a GoFundMe page for him and other dogs in dire need of medical attention.

Though there is cruelty in the world, people can find some solace in the fact that there are also many people willing to help a pup in need, even if it means never finding Jigglypuff.

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