Police Throw Birthday Party For Lonely 83-Year-Old In Mumbai, India

Credit: Hindu Times

Living to 83-years-old is a monumental achievement, one worth celebrating with family members and friends. Unfortunately, Lalita Subramanyam lives too far away for her three children to visit. In result, the birthday woman expected to spend the special day alone. That was, until some friends on the local police force showed up to celebrate with her.

On Monday, the Mumba police squad in Wadala surprised Lalita with their presence, a cake, and flowers! Reportedly, the elderly citizen is listed on the force’s ‘senior citizens requiring care and protection’ for the last 25 years, which is a positive initiative that has benefited many gracefully aging individuals.

Over the years, the matron has be-friended many officers on the force. Officials with the department have run errands and completed small chores on her behalf. They now lovingly refer to her as “Mother”.

Commented B. M. Kakad:

“She is like my mother. She was very happy with the birthday celebration. She said her children visited her a few times every year and were unable to come frequently.”

Thanks to initiatives like these which are in place in Mumbai, India, and elsewhere, a number of senior citizens continue to feel important and blessed. Watch the video below:

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