“Punks for Positivity” Group Rebuilds Neglected Community Garden


In York, Pennsylvania a group of “punks” have joined together to help rebuild an overgrown community garden that has been neglected since a license agreement with a local church expired. The group calls themselves “Punks for Positivity” and they also clean up trash in various areas of the city, in addition to their recent community garden project.

“It’s not run well now, but it was formerly one of our most productive community gardens,” David Cross, chairman of the RDA board told the York Dispatch.

Founders Steve Klinedinst and Dustin Hildebrand said that they will soon be opening up a produce stand at the garden, and will sell produce for as cheap as possible, and use the money to make the garden even better. Since starting on the project, they have had almost 25 different volunteers from the community who have wanted to get involved.

As soon as people saw us (cleaning up an area), they started coming out,” Klinedinst said.

“That area gets a bad rap. We want people to see something good coming from there. If people see that, maybe they won’t be as quick to judge the people living in that area,” he added.

Klinedinst’s said he started the organization to help change the negative stigma that is often assigned to people who dress differently, or belong to a sub-culture that is outside of the mainstream, and to help bring the community together.

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