Riveting: WWII Survivors Write Letters To Syrian Youth Refugees [Watch]

While war might affect all of humanity, it’s those who are caught in the middle of gunfire that tend to pay the highest price. Refugees of WWII know this well, therefore, have reached out to offer hope and inspiration to the youth of Syria in the form of letters. As the video above shows, the results were deeply moving.

After 16-year-old Sajeda opened and read a letter from 87-year-old Helga, she said:

“She made me feel like I exist. Even though I have not met her in person, she now plays an important role in my life.”

Since 1945, the Special Delivery CARE project has been sending humanitarian relief to asylum-seekers. In honor of the 5-year mark of the Syrian refugee crisis, the project sent packages containing toys, candy, and letters to displaced children in Jordan.


So far, over 2 million Syrians have received aid. Gifts have come in the form of food baskets, grocery debit cards, hygiene kits, and emergency shelters. The best part is that the gifts aren’t just providing sustenance, they’re inspiring hope.

If you’d like to send some handwritten messages to those displaced by war, please visit the My Care website.

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