Laundromat Owner Does 5,000 Pounds Of FREE Laundry For Homeless Families


A homeless individual may be inspired to change their situation, but unless they have a clean wardrobe to wear, they’re likely to face some challenges unbeknown to most others.

For this reason, a compassionate laundromat owner decided to wash thousands of pounds of homeless people’s laundry for free. HuffPost reports that Samuel Van De Cruze was inspired by his Christian faith to help the less fortunate after witnessing the challenges they regularly face.

Those without a home often walk long distances with heavy loads and young children. And, the additional cost of doing laundry can be a financial burden on most families. Because Cruze recently opened his new business Mr. Bubbles Laundromat in Queens, New York, he decided to offer practical help.

Said Cruze:

“As a Christian, I’ve been taught to do good works. During my devotions one morning, the thought came to me to do this.”

Between March 28 and 32, the former social worker washed approximately 5,000 pounds of laundry for residents living at the nearby family homeless shelter The Landing. He spent every evening washing, drying, and folding their laundry for free. He even picked up and dropped off loads.


One resident of the shelter told the media:

“Normally I spend almost $30 on laundry weekly, which has to come from my PA income. And doing laundry with a 3-year-old is always difficult for both of us. This (donation from Mr. Bubble’s) means that this week both she and I won’t have to go through that — and I will be able to save this $30 for something else.”

When you’re trying to get back up on your feet, every dollar is measured and has a purpose. Mr. Cruze’s compassionate gesture undoubtedly helped a number of families get ahead – even if by a little bit.

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