School In New Jersey Becomes First In Nation To Allow Medical Marijuana


The benefits of cannabis oil have been relayed numerous times on TrueActivist, prompting many to wonder, “Why isn’t it legal and available everywhere, already?”

Joe Rogan has a brilliant response to that, which you may watch here. 

Indeed, it’s been a long and arduous process convincing the public hemp is beneficial for multiple reasons, but the efforts have been worth it.

Because of activists – like you – taking the initiative, a school in New Jersey is now the first in America to allow cannabis oil on campus.

New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, recently signed a bill that will allow a 17-year-old girl to treat her epileptic condition while attending school, reports Natural Society.

Genny Barbour, who attends Maple Shade School District, relies on cannabis oil to help treat her epileptic condition. You can understand her family’s distress, then, when Genny needed to be taking the medicinal oil at school, but couldn’t. They filed a lawsuit and, unfortunately, lost, but this prompted the School Board to revisit her request to consume cannabis oil on school grounds.

Eventually, a new set of rules were developed that will allow students with conditions like Barbour’s the ability to use medicinal marijuana on campus.

Her school is so far the first and only to allow the use of cannabis oil on its campus.
According to the law (which Governor Christie signed earlier this summer), Barbour may only consume a single dose of cannabis oil, and only a member of the family or a registered caregiver can give the medication under the supervision of a school staff member.

Said Susan Weiner, the executive director of Lark School:

“I’m thrilled that we have been able to reach this point. We’re about helping children. I know there are so many kids in this state and across the country who can benefit from this. We’re grateful that our legislators recognized it’s a sincere need that helps students, because we do see the difference.”

If pharmaceutical drugs are allowed on campus, should cannabis oil be available for students, too? One has been proven to rid the human body of Cancer, and the other contributes to drug dependency.

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