Sheriff Helps Rescue Dog Chained To A Porch In Rising Floodwaters

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It was in Houston, Texas where a dog was found by Ford Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and a TV news crew from NBC affiliate KPRC. And thanks to their heroism, they were able to save the poor pooch from drowning helplessly after the 2-year-old border collie was stuck neck-deep in the middle of the rising floodwaters.

Traveling by boat to survey the flood, the sheriff, along with the TV news team, found the dog barely able to keep her head above water while chained to a porch in front of a house. It was then when KPRC reporter Phil Archer and another volunteer, Jeff Shimek, quickly jumped in to save the sheepdog.

”By the ring around her neck, you can tell she was chained outside for some time,” Houston Humane Society representative Monica Schmidt said in an interview.

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As soon as the dog got her clean bill of health, Sheriff Nehls, who took his family to see the pooch again after her ordeal, was more than happy to see the sheepdog, now named Archer after the KPRC reporter who saved her from being tied to the house. And judging from her reaction when she saw the sheriff who found her and eventually adopted her, it looked like the border collie was happy of the reunion as well.

”Archer was super excited to see the man that had helped save her life!” the Houston Humane Society wrote on its Facebook page.

”It was love at first sight for everyone. Archer spent all afternoon giving kisses to the whole crew! At the end, the family voted unanimously to adopt Archer and make her part of their pack!!!”

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