Shocking? 68% Of Doctors Believe GMOs Should Be Labeled


After USA Today blatantly called consumers ‘ignorant’ for wanting GMOs labeled, a recent poll revealing a large percent of doctors seeking the same does seem a bit shocking.

But as it goes, a leading network of doctors have voted on GMO labeling, and they overwhelmingly support it. 

The website SERMO, through which the poll was conducted, presently consists of 358,000 members – all verified and credentialed physicians. At the moment, they represent physicians primarily in the United States and Canada, but that network is expanding to a global basis.

As the poll reports, of all the doctors asked if they thought genetically modified should be labeled, 68% think people deserve the right to know what is in their food. No doubt this is because few long-term studies on GM foods have been conducted, and many potential side effects are still being investigated. And, of course, everyone deserves the basic right to know what they are consuming.

According to SERMO, the website is essentially like a social networking site for doctors, where they can “talk openly and anonymously.”

And anonymity is important, especially in regards to this very controversial topic. With identities protected, doctors need not worry about biotech industry infiltration or reprimand from certain parties invested in the mainstream healthcare system.

If the website reports truth, apparently honest discussions among medical professionals can be had at this network. Such could be very powerful, then, as the 68% of physicians who agree GMOs should be labeled could potentially build off each others’ personal experience(s), suspicions, and proven methods of successfully helping patients heal.

Credit: SERMO
Credit: SERMO

As many polls have reported before, 80-95%+ of Americans would like to see GMO’s labeled. With about 58% saying they would avoid genetically modified foods once labeled, however, it’s easy to see why biotech corporations like Monsanto are fighting so hard to keep consumers in the dark.

Following is a simple breakdown of some reported polls on consumer demand for GMO labeling: 

The New York Times: 93% found to be in support of labeling GMOs

MSNBC: 96% in support

Reuters/NPR: 93% in support of full labeling

Washington Post: 95% in support of full labeling

PBS: 90% agree GM animals should be labeled

ABC News: 93% want federal GM labeling mandate

With doctors and the majority of consumers in agreement that GMOs need to be labeled for health and environmental reasons, why has little action yet been taken? 

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