Someone Just Destroyed Donald Trump’s Hollywood “Walk of Fame” Star

Credit: Dominic Patten/Deadline
Credit: Dominic Patten/Deadline

In less than two weeks, the U.S. Presidential election will take place. According to the polls, only 9% of the populace is looking forward to casting their vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – and that’s somewhat of an issue. Overall, the American populace is frustrated by the primary presidential candidates, and it’s the feeling of helplessness that is spurring many people to act rashly – in some cases, destroying monuments dedicated to those running for the highest office.

Recently, Trump’s five-pointed terrazzo and brass star on Hollywood Boulevard was decimated by an activist with a sledgehammer who has apparently had enough of the business tycoon’s antics. At approximately 5:45 AM, Jamie Otis, who disguised himself as a construction worker, took a pick ax and sledgehammer to Trump’s star. According to Deadline Hollywood, Otis originally intended to completely remove the star from the sidewalk, auction it, and donate the proceeds to the women who have accused the Republican Presidential nominee of sexual assault.

In the past few months, eleven women have claimed Trump groped or otherwise attempted to get with them. The GOP candidate has since denied all claims, saying they’re lying and that they’ll be sued after the November 8th election, but it’s really not a stretch considering the things he said while on a bus with Billy Bush in 2005. 

This isn’t the first time the ex-Apprentice’s star has been vandalized. In addition to being peed and spit upon repeatedly, it received a tiny wall – complete with a ‘Keep Out’ sign and miniature barbed wire – by LA street artist Plastic Jesus. Now, the star is no more.

Though activists petitioned to remove the Trump star from Hollywood Blvd due to his repeatedly offensive behavior, the Chamber of Commerce refused. There is no word on whether or not the star will be replaced.

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