Sweet Video Shows Why Loving Oneself Is Essential – Especially On Valentine’s Day [Watch]

Credit: Lycored

While it’s easy to extend gratitude and love to others, doing the same for oneself isn’t always a simple task. International wellness company Lycored confirmed this when recently, they asked men, women, and children what they love about themselves. Most couldn’t find an answer. When they were asked what they love about others, however, the individuals couldn’t stop gushing and fawning over people in their lives.

It’s this difference that Lycored wants to draw attention to, and did with a sweet video entitled “Loving ourselves the way we love others is beautiful.”

“Most of us are celebrating Valentine’s Day by showing the people in our lives just how much we care,” explain the film’s creators. “It’s a wonderful impulse; however, we should do the same for ourselves from time to time. In fact, why not start today?”

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, it truly is a perfect opportunity to meditate on the qualities you possess that are admirable and worth loving. To do this, sit in a quiet space, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself, “What is it I love about me?” Whenever an answer is received, write it down. You can adoringly scribe the answer on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. When you’re feeling sad or lonely, look at one of the notes – or all of them – to remind yourself of how awesome you are! One thing is for sure, you ARE worth loving.

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