Syrian Refugee Turns In $55,000 Cash To Town Hall, Is Hailed As Hero

Credit: WUNC
Credit: Minden Police

What would you do if you found $55,000? Most people would probably keep it and never whisper a word to anyone. But thankfully, a 25-year-old anonymous man from Syria is not like most people.

WUNC reports that the refugee was assembling a donated wardrobe in his sparsely furnished apartment when he found a board screwed under a shelf. Curiosity piqued, he proceeded to remove the board and found several booklets and 100 new 500-euro new bills (valued at approximately $110,000).

As an individual with few resources and/or material goods in the world, he could have justified keeping the missing money. But he didn’t.

In fact, as soon as the young man did an internet search and determined the money to be real, he contacted the immigration office to return the assets. In result, he is being hailed as a hero by the Minden community.

A spokesperson for the police told the press:

“This young man has behaved exemplary and deserves great credit. That someone finds and gives smaller amounts of cash to the police is often the case, but such a large sum is the absolute exception.”

As the police set out to find the rightful owner of the cash, the young man – who arrived in Germany with his family last October – can feel good about his honesty as he continues to take language lessons and pursue communications technology at a local university. The activist may also receive 3% of the discovery – approximately $4,500 – as a reward for his honesty.

Currency and bank papers were hidden in this compartment beneath a shelf in an old wardrobe.

When he was asked why he didn’t keep the cash and banknotes, he stated:

“I am a Muslim. I’m not allowed to keep this money. My religion forbids it. Allah would never allow me to finance my own interests with someone else’s wealth.”

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