Tesco To Donate ALL Unsold Food From Its 800 Supermarkets To Charity

Recently, Tesco in the U.K. announced that it will be establishing a program to dramatically reduce the amount of food that is wasted. This will be done by donating all of the food surplus generated by its 800 stores to charities capable of utilizing the resources.

As the video above reveals, the grocery store’s new Community Food Connection will redirect millions of meals to shelters, food banks, and community centers by the end of 2017. To determine the effectiveness of the program, a trial in Merseyside, England, was first conducted. Reportedly, it made a massive difference to charities in the area.

FareShare manages the Community Food Connection. The app, created by Irish social enterprise Food Cloud, connects store managers who need to urgently move-in-date excess food with the charities that can put the surplus to good use.

Credit: LoveFood.com
Credit: LoveFood.com

This week, the progressive program will be launched in 15 cities and regions across the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton and Portsmouth. In future months, supermarkets in Leeds, Leicester, Kent, and the West Midlands will adopt the initiative, as well.

Good News Network reports that so far, fourteen Tesco stores have adopted the scheme within the past six months. This has resulted in over 22 tons of food – the equivalent to 50,000 meals – being shuffled off to food shelters and citizens in need. That’s astounding!

Said Tesco CEO Dave Lewis:

“We believe no food that could be eaten should be wasted. That’s why we have committed that no surplus food should go to waste from our stores.”

Credit: Tesco / Screenshot

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