Things You Need To Know About Postpartum


Motherhood is bliss. But, it also comes with its share of pain and health complications. After childbirth, women enter the postpartum phase when their bodies heal and return to their pre-pregnancy status. During this time, women encounter several problems of which some are as follows. 

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal for women going through their postpartum phase. Commonly, this discharge is called lochia. However, avoid using tampons or synthetic pads to stay away from infections. Instead, use heavy-duty cotton pads to manage the heavy flow of blood. 

Body Ache

Many women, after delivery, experience body ache. Given the enormous exhaustion they pass through during childbirth, body aches are much more likely. Additionally, the uterus also squeezes back to its normal size and women often feel pain in their belly area. 

Weight Gain

Weight gain is also another commonly faced problem by women after delivery. Nursing mothers are not likely to follow a low-nutrition diet plan or fasting schedule. So, the best way to ditch the extra pounds remains following a wegovy online prescription from an expert physician. 

Wegovy is a weight loss injection that helps reduce extra fat without cutting down on your food consumption. However, women in their postpartum phase should first consult a doctor before opting for any medication.  

Hormonal Shifts

This is also the time when hormones in your body respond quite irregularly and randomly. As a result, women going through the postpartum phase may experience random mood swings, excessive sweating, hair loss, and several other health complications. 

However, check if your sweat remains accompanied by fever or not. The appearance of fever can be an indication of infection which is not desired at this time. 


Another postpartum health problem remains constipation. Several reasons cause this problem. If, during delivery, you received painkillers or anesthesia, bowel movement can get restricted. In the case of normal deliveries, many women eventually end up with a torn vagina to make way for the child during labor. Sometimes the professionals aiding the childbirth process conduct a small incision between the vagina and the anus to make the path wider. The scratch or stitches around your vaginal opening area take a little time to heal beyond recognition. Therefore, immediately after childbirth, many women feel scared about exerting pressure to release the bowel. As a result, constipation takes place. 

Nipples and Breast Problems

Breastfeeding remains critically important for both mother and the child. While mother’s milk offers the child all the amino acids needed for holistic growth, the mother also stays fit and immune to infections by feeding the child. But, many women get sore nipples and breasts after feeding the newborn only a few times. 

This is normal but needs attention. If the problem continues, consult a lactation expert to check if the baby is latching properly. 

Postpartum problems are not hard to cure. Keep in touch with your physician regularly and report any issue you face. Treated is a trusted portal for online medical advice and checkups. You can even procure online prescriptions for postpartum problems here.

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