This 15-Year-Old Is Leading A Global Revolution For Climate Change



Meet Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, a teen activist who is inspiring a worldwide revolution to care for the environment.

As NowThis shares in the video above, Roske-Martinez’s influence is being noticed around the globe. As an Indigenous eco hip-hop artist, activist, and the director of Earth Guardians, he’s showing young teens and adults a new way of living and contributing to the world. That’s also why he’s also been dubbed the ‘Anti-Bieber.’ 

Earlier this year, Xiuhtezcatl gave a fantastic presentation to the United Nations General Assembly, and they heard his message loud and clear. He spoke urgently about climate change and asked them to take immediate action. In his speech, he stated:

“What’s at stake right now is the existence of my generation. In the last 20 years of negotiations, almost no agreements have been made on a bonding climate recovery plan.” 

In his presentation, he also spoke for many by saying “We need to reconnect with the earth and end this mindset that we have that we can take whatever we want without ever giving back.”

This is the third time Xiuhtezcatl has addressed the Assembly, and it won’t likely be his last. Since he was six years old, this teen activist has been speaking out about protecting the planet and, in effect, has ignited passion in upcoming generation(s) to do whatever it takes to protect the environment and care for the future.

As shared by The Huffington Post, in recent years Roske-Martinez has given an inspiring TED Talk, served on President Obama’s 2013 Youth Council (after he received the 2013 United States Community Service Award), and several months ago made a short film about his story in collaboration with BLKFLM. (Below)


Because of his activism and desire to protect the environment, the teen has been threatened by Big Oil companies. But if activists like yourself continue to raise awareness by spreading the word and boycotting degradation of the environment, individuals of all ages may feel compelled to step up and “be the change,” as well.

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