[Watch] Over 500,000 Ants Joined In Protest Against Deforestation

**No ants were harmed in the making of this video or protest.**

Did you know? The leaf-growing, fungus-growing ants featured above are one of the most fascinating and complex social systems known to science. In one colony, millions of individuals co-exist in order and work tirelessly to maintain their caste system. There’s actually a lot we humans still don’t understand about them – but they are fascinating!

The ‘Worker’ ants (featured in the video) can be both large and small, and are tasked with cutting and transporting leaf fragments back to their colonies. Because they bravely trek through the jungle to find and transport the materials they need, genius environmentalists decided to enroll them in “protest” against environmental deforestation in a very creative way.

Likely using this method, they were able to get the ants to hold tiny, carved leaf signs and join as activists against environmental degradation. Watch the video above to see the ants in action while they make a point about saving the rainforest.

Surely, if humans don’t wake up, waste less, and employ more sustainable technologies, these little guys – as well as other wildlife – might not have a future. It’s time to take action, don’t you think?

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