This Baby Elephant Does NOT Want To Accept That Bath Time is Over [Watch]

Take heart, humans. You’re not the only species who struggles with temperamental toddlers now and again.

In Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, an elephant mother and her baby were enjoying a dip in a watering hole when the sun began to set. Deciding bath time was over, the mom began to lead – then urge – her offspring to follow.

Clearly, as you can witness in the video above, the baby disagreed.

What’s captured in the footage is a humorous little spat between the pair. The baby so obviously wanted to continue playing.

This is definitely a case of, “Just five more minutes, Mom, pleeeeeeasssseeeee?” 

Elephants are incredibly intelligent creatures. With the largest brain of any land animal (and three times as many neurons as humans), it should come as no surprise the matriarchal creatures are incredibly empathetic and have profound memory. 

Witnessing exchanges (such as the one above) between the pachyderm is important, for the African Elephant is expected to become extinct with 10 years due to poaching. Raising awareness about the plight of these beautiful creatures is step one, and you can do that by sharing this article.

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