This California Pizza Place Is Giving Away Free Pizzas To Patrons Who Are Willing To Lock Their Phones Away


A pizza restaurant in California is giving away free pizza, but there’s a catch! Customers have to surrender their phones to the restaurant staff during the whole meal. 

The Curry Pizza Company located in Fresno has started running this cool promotion entitled “Talk to Each Other Discount.” With a group of at least four people, they will be given an option to surrender their phones where it will be kept in one of the establishment’s lockers throughout the whole meal. If they are able to eat in peace without using their mobiles or checking their phones the entire time, they then have two options to avail of the promotion: They either get a free pizza they can take home, or get a free one the next time they come back to the restaurant! 


Guests have another option that will benefit others – they can donate their free pizza to the homeless. Curry Pizza advertised this promotion on Facebook, saying:

“Our goal is to get families/friends to stop using their phones while eating and talk to each other and communicate more. If you like, you may receive a free large (per group) on your next visit (must be at least 24 hours) or you can donate your free large pizza to the needy. We donate pizzas to the homeless in downtown Fresno every month, so we would add your donated pizza along with the many others or you could do it yourself.”

Restaurant co-owner Varinder Malhi was looking to set a good example to his kids and got a realization about his own phone usage in their home. He told Fox News that he stopped using his phone when he’s around his children unless there is a work emergency, and he noticed really good benefits with this change and decided to adapt it to the restaurant. 


The reason why the promotion is only available for a group of four people and more is because this is when the people tend to look less at their phones, Malhi explained. Everyone in the group also has to have their own smartphone and turn it all in. The cashier then checks if all the surrendered phones have service, just to make sure they aren’t abusing the promotion. This gives them the assurance that these people aren’t just bringing in fake phones to get a free pizza.  

So far, the restaurant has given away almost 50 pizzas, Malhi said. They also donated about 60 pizzas to the homeless every two week from their different branches. 

What do you think about the social media disconnection while having a meal with friends or family? Would you do it?



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