Tourists And Hotel Employees Drag Shark From Ocean For Photos, Kill It

Credit: Facebook/ Gary Stokes
Credit: Facebook/ Gary Stokes

Humanity has a lot of catching up to do. First, tourists at a beach in Argentina passed around a baby dolphin for the sake of selfies, effectively killing it. Then, a Bulgarian woman roughly dragged a swan by its wing so she could take a picture with it. She then left it to die on the beach. And, earlier this week, TrueActivist shared news of fishermen lugging ten tiger sharks from the sea for sport so they could take photos with them.

What do all of these incidents have in common? They show humanity’s utter lack of respect for other creatures that inhabit the same planet. They also serve as the bottom line moving forward.

Of course, it doesn’t help that just days ago, employees of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, exhibited some of the worst behavior our species is capable of.

A video captured by one of the tourists reveals a group of men racing into the water before pulling a shark onto the beach with ropes. Some – but not all – of the participants were lifeguards from the hotel, reports

In the video, the shark appears to become tangled in the ropes of a life ring and thrashes violently. A life ring is then put over the shark’s head and the creature is prodded with a plank of wood. Once the tourists were satisfied with their cruel feat, they joyfully took photos with the dying creature.

Some photos show smiling tourists leaning over the dying shark and making thumb gestures. Another reveals children celebrating the catch.

Regarding the embarrassing incident, a spokesperson with the Hard Rock Hotel said that “corrective measures” are being taken against the employees involved. She added:

“That is absolutely against our standards of protecting animals as we protect our guests.”

When will humanity’s infatuation with exploiting and taking advantage of innocent creatures end?

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