Train Company Bashes Customer For Tweeting Homophobic Comment About Man In Dress

Credit: Distractify
Credit: Distractify

This world is made up of diverse people. And, because it’s the 21st century, it’s really no longer acceptable to judge or even bash a person’s character based on their lifestyle choices, appearance, or occupation.

Unfortunately, a man named Gary Cocker had to learn this the hard way when after he made a homophobic Tweet, the train company that was transporting him defended the individual he was bashing.

Distractify relays that Cocker was catching a ride with the Transpennine Express train company, which is based in the UK, when he was appalled to see a male passenger sitting across from him, wearing stockings and a dress.

Cocker, who has since made his account private, Tweeted the following:


You’ll love what the train company replied with, however:

It’s an understatement to relay that fans absolutely loved the company’s response. In fact, it inspired a number of male activists to sport dresses, take selfies, and troll the hell out of Cocker for trying to demean the man on the train.

Some of the best Tweets follow:

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