Trump Denies That This Science Exists, Despite Overwhelming Proof

Credit: The Daily Beast
Credit: The Daily Beast

The current presidential election is turning out to be extremely divisive, outlandish, and overall unbelievable, as Trump continues to ruin his own campaign and more shocking news of Clinton’s lies and connections surface.

However, it’s Clinton who at least has strategies for many of the items on her agenda that she allegedly plans on following through with, while Trump continues to suggest crazy ideas about how to “make America great again,” which apparently includes denying anything that’s been proven by science.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the science that Trump denies even exists.




This is the big one that Trump refuses to believe in, and he’s not the only one. As the Republican Party has shifted into a party that openly accepts donations from fossil fuel companies, which are a huge contributor to climate change, the entire party has taken a stance against acknowledging that climate change is a legitimate concern for the world.

Trump has gone so far as to say that climate change was invented by the Chinese in an effort to scare the United States into reducing their manufacturing and taking out the competition. He has apparently thought this for quite some time now, long before his campaign began.

It’s likely that Trump doesn’t actually believe in his own anti-climate change statements, as he has said he wants to build a wall around his golf course to keep out the rising sea (caused by climate change), and that he only cares about temporary monetary savings. He supports using coal to produce energy since it’s cheaper than investing in alternative energy sources.

He needs to be taken seriously, however, because if he were to become president, he has said that he will pull out of the Paris agreement, which is an agreement reached late last year by several countries to reduce their carbon emissions, among other strategies, to mitigate human-caused climate change. Since the U.S. is the second largest contributor to global warming in the world, it could cause all participants in the agreement to drop out and we would continue rapidly destroying the Earth for our own selfish reasons.




Despite not having any concrete evidence to back this theory, Trump firmly believes that vaccines cause autism. This theory, which has been debunked over and over again, is supported only by one paper published years ago by Andrew Wakefield when he falsely linked autism to an MMR jab.

Donald has since taken on the issue and apparently witnessed this occur, as he said, “People that work for me, just the other day, two years old, beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later, got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”

Though people have been forgoing having their kids vaccinated, thanks to the original false report being circulated, Donald’s further spread of fear surrounding vaccines can have dangerous consequences. Outbreaks of diseases that have not existed in the U.S. for decades have occurred recently, and this false theory and the diseases are unnecessarily spreading like crazy.


Credit: The Daily Beast
Credit: The Daily Beast

This one is a little humorous, because Trump has claimed that he only needs a few hours of sleep per night and he displays all the signs that he is sleep-deprived.

Research has shown that sleeping only 3-4 hours, as Trump says he does, can reduce a person’s ability to think rationally, to control their emotions, and to distinguish between moral and immoral choices. Long-term memory is severely hampered, and going 18 hours without sleep can impair a person’s cognitive functioning to such a degree that you may as well be inebriated. That really explains a lot about Trump’s behavior.

If he were to become president, it’s horrifying to think of what his short-tempered, sleep-deprived brain might do when it comes to making decisions about nuclear warfare.


Credit: The Grey Stew
Credit: The Grey Stew

Though Trump has said that “Space is terrific,” he doesn’t believe that there is enough room in the federal budget to continue funding NASA. He says that there are more important issues that need to be addressed and that “we don’t exactly have a lot of money.”

This is far from true, as the U.S. GDP is $17.9 trillion, making it the wealthiest country in the world and more than twice as rich as the second wealthiest country, China. The country has been growing economically ever since 2009, right after the recession hit. NASA is a highly-profitable organization that earns $10 for every dollar spent keeping it going.

While NASA only accounts for 0.4 percent of the federal budget, the defense budget uses a whopping 12.6 percent, meaning that it could fund 29 NASAs by itself.

Perhaps Trump is threatened by NASA’s research into climate change, as they have produced several reports supporting the fact that climate change is occurring rapidly because of human intervention.


Credit: The Colbert Report
Credit: The Colbert Report

It’s tough to categorize this one, but Trump has essentially said that he believes organizations that help the environment are killing businesses and therefore slowing our economic growth.

In an interview with Fox News, he was asked if he would eliminate any government agencies to save money and reduce our federal debt. He responded with, “Oh absolutely. The Department of Environmental, I mean the DEP is killing us… environmentally. It’s just killing our businesses.”

So despite Trump not even knowing the name of the agency that looks out for the environment, which is the EPA and not the “DEP,” are American citizens supposed to take this man seriously about the EPA allegedly destroying business?

The EPA works with issues that Trump doesn’t care about, such as conserving the natural world and reducing our impact on the environment so that humans can essentially save themselves in the long run, and in fact they work against Trump’s beliefs. It makes sense that he would want them gone, since he plans on restarting construction on the Keystone XL, an oil pipeline that President Obama shut down, and increasing the use of fracking, both of which are extremely dangerous for the environment.

If Americans elect Trump to be president, science that is backed up with evidence will be put on the back burner and environmental agencies and popular thought surrounding huge issues will be severely impacted. It’s frightening to think that this man, who consults his own opinion rather than scientific research to form his platform, could be president-elect.

As for Hillary, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, an economic policy advisor who counseled John McCain during his 2008 presidential bid, said this:

“Trump doesn’t have a prominent policy shop and a prominent set of policy advisers. Clinton has a vast bureaucracy and a ten-point plan for going out to lunch, so they couldn’t be more different.”

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