Ukraine, Monsanto And The American Empire

Last December when protesters in Kiev took to the streets to demand their President sign a treaty with Europe, nobody expected that within six months the country would be torn apart by a brutal civil war, with thousands dead and over two million displaced. At the time, we highlighted some strange goings-on: secret snipers, hired thugs and tortured activists. Months later, we still don´t know who ordered these actions. Since then, The White House and the Western media have continually blamed Russia for the unrest; for shooting down passenger plane MH17, for acting aggressively, for posing a threat to the USA and indeed the entire world.

But aside from what we are told to believe, let´s ask some intelligent questions. Who stands to gain from the war in Ukraine? Which key player in this modern Game of Thrones is destabilizing countries all over the world, and what is Ukraine´s new President doing to smooth out plans for the IMF, World Bank, U.S fracking companies, and wait for it- even Monsanto- to take over the country?

In this short video, Charlie McGrath from Wide Awake News  does a very good job of explaining key connections between Ukraine´s civil war and the American Empire. He uses logic and rational thinking to fit together pieces of the jigsaw that might just make you think twice about what the mainstream news is telling you right now.


Image: Flickr / Sasha Maksymenko

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