Video Exposing The “Ugly Truth” Behind UGGs Goes Viral [Must Watch]

Credit: PETAKids

When people buy UGGs, they’re purchasing more than comfortable footwear – they’re buying a brand. They’re telling the world that not only are they affluent enough to afford a popular pair of boots, they’re conscious enough to know what’s in style and what’s not.

Perhaps it’s because of this that consumers continue to buy UGGs even when they’re informed of the cruelty that’s involved in producing the boots. As the video produced by People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) below reveals, “Sheep in the wool industry are abused, kicked, and often have violent wounds from shearing.” UGGs might be fashionable, but the way they’re produced is UGGLY.

Says Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice president:

“PETA’s video shows that every pair of UGG boots supports the ugly, gruesome abuse, and killing of gentle sheep. As millions of shoppers learn that the wool industry mutilates and kills these animals, more people than ever are giving its cruelly produced items the boot.”

“Shearers are often paid by volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast, violent work that can lead to gaping wounds on sheep’s bodies. The wounds are then stitched closed—without—giving the animals any painkillers,” she adds.

Credit: UGGs
Credit: UGGs

According to the animal rights group, the video has become “single most popular post on any PETA Facebook page ever.” Posted on social media two weeks ago, the video has been viewed over 39 million times and attracted over 61,000 comments. One individual commented:

“Omg this is one of the saddest things I’ve seen I can’t believe humans can be so cruel!!! There is just no need for this at all [sic].”

“Never ever buying them again, thanks for letting know [sic],” said another.

Watch the video below:

The main issue is that UGG sources its wool from suppliers who abuse the animals. This remains so, despite the fact that the company states on its website that it only selects suppliers who meet its strict standards of ethical sourcing.

“UGG requires all of our suppliers to use humane animal treatment in order to prevent animal abuse and animal cruelty,” says the website. “UGG believes that no sheep should ever be raised for their sheepskin alone.”

Because the video reveals otherwise and because PETA doesn’t believe animals should be utilized for human intent, the organization wants consumers to boycott UGGs and support fashionable brands that don’t use any animal products. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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