[Watch] Baby Elephant Learns To Walk Again During Hydrotherapy Session

Credit: EuroNews/YouTube

What’s cuter than a baby elephant? Perhaps a baby elephant learning to walk again during a physical therapy session in a pool! Either one sounds adorable, but we’ll think you’ll agree that footage shared by EuroNews is worth watching. 

At just three months old, Clear Sky was injured in a poaching trap and separated from her mother. Though she was rescued, she still can’t walk properly. Fortunately, animal rights activists are helping her regain mobility, and the process is going swimmingly.

After the baby elephant was transported to an animal hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, she received surgery on her foot. To help strengthen the damaged muscles in her leg, she is presently participating in hydrotherapy. A harness attached to wires run across the surface of the pool, preventing her from sinking. Additionally, a team of trainers is on standby to help keep her head above the water until she becomes stronger, as GoodNewsNetwork shares

Veterinarians are hopeful that after a few sessions, Clear Sky will begin to enjoy her hydrotherapy sessions. The initial nervousness which can be spotted in the footage below is only temporary. If the orphan can build strength in her injured leg, she won’t need an artificial one. Here’s to Clear Sky’s recovery!

Watch the adorable video below:

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