[Watch] Baby Elephant Reunites With Her Mother After 3 Years In Tourism Industry

Earlier this week, news surfaced of a 46-year-old elephant dying from heat and fatigue in Cambodia. As True Activist relayed, elephant Elderly Sambo was giving rides in the Angor Wat park when she collapsed from a heart attack, brought on by scorching heat and a lack of wind.

Understandably, activists were shocked and outraged by the news of the great elephant’s death. In fact, in a matter of hours, a Change.org petition was put together to put an end to elephant rides in Cambodian parks. At present, over 90,000 signatures have been collected. However, unless the goal of 150,000 is met, elephants will continue to suffer like Elderly Sambo did – and many still do today.

On a positive note, at least elephants Me-Bai and Me-Yum have found their happy ending after years of separation and abuse.

Like most elephants who are used to attract tourists, Me-Bai was ripped from her mother’s side at a young age. She was sold into the Thai tourism industry and was subjected to a brutal “breaking” period where she learned to submit to humans. Her life was to give rides to paying customers day in and day out, regardless of the emotional and physical toll this took on her. Eventually, the stress of the ordeal caused Me-Bai to become too weak to give rides.

Fortunately, her owner took pity on her and retired her to Elephant Nature Park. It was after she was received by the sanctuary that the caretakers set out on a mission to find her mother.

In just a few short weeks, they were able to locate her mom, Mae Yum, and set a glorious reunion into motion. As you can view above, the mother and daughter are ecstatic to be in each others’ company once again. They had been separated for three years until this reunion.

Credit: littlethings.com
Credit: littlethings.com

Stories such as this one are imperative to share, for they are a reminder that other species on Earth feel just as strongly for their kin as humans do. Does it make it right, then, to treat animals such as cows, goats, pigs, and chickens as if they are nothing more than property?

While each person must decide the answer to this question for themselves, it is clear that the two elephants in the video above couldn’t be happier to be together again.

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