[Watch] Given A Choice Between A Chocolate Bar or Silver Worth $150, Americans Choose Chocolate

“Americans have been tricked into believing precious metals are not valuable,” says Addison Quale in response to the video above. And she’s right.

In the informative experiment, it is vividly shown how central bankers have created an “uninformed, uninterested, ignorant, and pliable citizenry they can lead around by the nose.” She states that they have “essentially convinced the populace that gold and silver coins are ultimately impractical and just too old-fashioned.” In effect, most citizens now firmly believe that promissory bank notes and certificates represent real money.

But if the economy were to crash, as many experts have predicted is inevitable, paper notes will not secure a family; metals will be the sought after currency.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

“I’ll take the chocolate bar,” says one woman as Dice tells her, “who needs a 10-ounce bar of silver, right?” as the woman physically recoils from it.

Another man responds, “Yeah, exactly!” when Dice asks “Who needs a 10-ounce bar of silver when you can have a good delicious bar of chocolate, right?”

“The Hershey bar, I can eat it, I can’t eat the silver bar,” remarks another man as he chooses the chocolate over the bullion.

This isn’t the first time Dice has tested Americans’ concept of ‘real money’. In a previous video (below), he attempted to sell the 10oz silver bar for as little as 99 cents, with no takers.

Is it shocking everyone chose a temporary chocolate fix over a silver bar (which could have been exchanged for $150 just feet away)? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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