West African King In Ghana Gets A Gardening Job In Canada To Raise Money For His Tribe

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A King of a West African Tribe returns to Canada in order to get his old job back as gardener. Why, you ask? He needs to raise money so that he can provide proper healthcare for his people.

When Eric Manu’s 67-year-old uncle Dat passed away last year, he was next in line and officially became royalty.

Manu was living in Canada for the last three years with his wife and young son when he had to move back to Ghana and take up his birth right.

“It’s a huge experience. You have to embrace it with passion. It’s something of my heritage, my culture, and traditions,” he said.

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But now, the new chief of the Akan tribe which is in the village of Adansi Aboabo no. 2, has decided to move back to Canada and get his old job back.

Manu has moved back to British Columbia and went back to working as a gardener and landscaper in order to raise enough money for his tribe that is comprised of 6,000 people.

Manu told CTV News:

“Sometimes we go to the (job) site and they say, ‘You are the chief. I saw you on TV. 

Why are you doing the landscaping?

This is humbleness you understand. Anytime I’m in Canada, I’m proud to work for my boss.”

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When he first went home to Ghana, his boss Susan Watson, began a foundation called To The Moon and Back – sending a shipment of clothing, medical supplies, school supplies and laptops along with the King for his people.

She also paid a visit to Ghana for the ceremony of the foundation and said: “They’re beautiful inside and out and they have absolutely nothing. And you come home here and most of us are miserable and we want something more.”

“The whole village was quite poor. The clinic only has a midwife and a few nurses. There is no doctor on site,” she added.

Manu is hoping to raise enough money to invest in improving the healthcare in his village, as well as returning home with another shipment filled with equipment.



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