What Cher Just Did For Residents Of Flint, Michigan, Is Absolutely Amazing

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

Two years ago, the state of Michigan decided to switch the city of Flint’s water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River, a notorious tributary that runs through the town and is known to locals for its filth.

Most of the residents thought talk of the switch was a joke, but it turns out the industrial town did it to save money, reports CNN.

For eighteen months, officials assured residents that the water – which would sometimes come out of the tap brown – was safe. But really, none of the residents believed it. Especially when an increased number of individuals were experiencing hair loss and rashes.

As it turns out, the town was being poisoned by lead, which was seeping into the water supply along with iron. The Flint River is highly corrosive, which caused the iron water mains to erode and contribute to the travesty.

The damage has been done to the pipes, however, which is why President Obama declared the town’s tainted supply of water a state of emergency. People have literally run out of clean water and are in a very precarious situation.

Aid is being offered, but not enough. Which is why Cher, a celebrity singer and actress, has done something amazing to assist the wonderful people of Flint.

It was reported in a press release that Cher partnered with Icelandic Glacial™ to donate 181,440 bottles of water to the residents without clean water.

After reading about the catastrophic situation, Cher was moved to help the 100,000 residents that have not had access to clean water in over a year.

She contacted her friend Brad Horwitz, an investor in Icelandic Glacial, who reached out to the company’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Jon Olafsson, about the singer’s desire to purchase water for Flint’s residents.

The company committed to doubling Cher’s purchase which is being trucked into Michigan beginning Monday, January 18th.

The bottled water will reach The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan on Wednesday, January 20th. FBEM will then begin the process of distributing it to individuals in need. Most of the water, it is assumed, will be used for drinking, cooking, and washing.

Community centers, food banks, and fire house focusing on low-income housing areas where 40% of Flint’s population is living below the poverty line will be the first areas of focused.

In addition, all bottles will be returned to the food banks so they may be recycled. Money acquired from the recycling process will go right back into the food banks.

In recent weeks, Cher has taken to social media to express her criticism on the state’s lack of response and commitment to Flint while children were being poisoned by the toxic water.



By purchasing bottles of water for the residents, she is putting her words into action, however, and exampling the kind of positive change that can result when you care enough about a cause to actually do something.

“This a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country. I am so grateful that Icelandic Glacial has come on-board to help the city of Flint.  I cannot wait for the water to get there to help these people who have been poisoned because the water they’ve been getting out of their taps has been polluted for so long and remains that way without the state or the federal government stepping in with any substantial plan to resolve this problem,” Cher commented.

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