What’s The Best Way To Translate A Document?


As your business grows, you produce more files on a daily basis. Examples include but aren’t limited to contracts, documentations of bylaws, financial documents, compliance and regulatory documents, and non-disclosure agreements, just to name a few. If you’re considering testing international waters and expanding your business globally, make sure your documents are accurately translated.

If your language skills are a little rusty, don’t worry because there are many services that can help you. The question now is: What’s the best way to translate a document? Well, if you want to streamline the process, consider machine translation. MT uses artificial intelligence to automatically translate content from one language to another. The software uses complex rule sets and transfers the grammatical structure of the source language into the target language.

Machine Translation Is Great for Handling Large Volumes of Documents

You can apply machine translation and API services to your project. A machine translation API can be integrated into your own application or CAT tool. There’s no minimum number of words required to use the system. All the work is performed online and submitted translations remain in the system until they pass through several rounds of reviews. Multiple file formats can be processed, including email, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, pictures, etc. Not only is transmission entirely encrypted, but also the documents are transferred to the CMS of your choice.

Don’t settle for solutions such as Google Translate. While it has opened doors for cross-language communication, it’s not useful for translating business documents. What you need is an innovation-driven translation tool. You can translate entire text documents within seconds. Put simply, you can automate language translation at an enterprise level. Some machine translation APIs are compatible with popular CAT tools, such as SDL Trados, Memsource, and MemoQ and tech providers such as Pangeanic offer their private APIs for professional services. You can reuse common words and phrases used in your industry whilst benefiting from cloud and private MT.Q

A Few Tips for The Perfect Document Translation

Think Ahead

Establish your language combination – in other words, target a specific region or country. For example, choose English (UK) to Spanish (SP). Take into account the subject matter and the target audience. Your communications should be in the same style and voice in all languages. Official documentation like emails, memoranda, and training materials have a serious, formal tone, and make use of the passive voice.

Make Sure Page Layout Is Respected

As far as word count is concerned, your translation corresponds to the original. But what do you do if the layout is cramped? Do your best to make sure the translated text should be reintegrated in the template, ensuring that the layout matches. In the future, design simple documents with clean layouts and enough white space to avoid such complications.

Hire An Expert (If Necessary)

If the situation requires it, you should reach out to a translation agency for accurate and consistent results. An expert understands the cultural aspects of both the source and target language, so they can deliver the right message. Find a translation agency with experience in several fields so that you can send information to numerous global partners.

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