Your Guide To Moving To Sacramento


Are you thinking of relocating to Sacramento but don’t know anything about the place? Don’t worry, we are here for your rescue. We bring you a complete list of whereabouts in Sacramento that will make your stay stress-free and enjoyable.

  1. Sacramento in a nut-shell

The 5th largest city in California, and home to around 500,000 people. It is situated on the Northern side of the state’s Central Valley. The families living in Sacramento are young families. People living in Sacramento come here especially for its calmness that is rarely found in other cities in California. Sacramento also attracts people because of it being close to a large number of weekend getaways. You will get to live with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds as around 25% of people living in Sacramento are people who shifted here from other places.

  1. Accommodation in Sacramento

Sacramento offers affordable housing. A house in Sacramento may cost up to $300,000. Though housing rates in Sacramento have been on a rising spur for a few years, the rates are considered low because, in other cities in California, rates are even higher than this. Popular neighborhoods in Sacramento include East Sacramento, South Land Park, Tahoe Park, Pocket, South Natomas, Land Park, etc.

  1. Transportation in Sacramento

Sacramento has a well-developed system of transportation and you can rely on it. You can choose from the bus transport and railroad connection to travel. Also, you may find taxis ferrying people to different places in Sacramento. For traveling in Sacramento, Sacramento Regional Transit is an apt choice. The cheapest option is the Yolo Bus service. An Amtrak train is a good option for you if you like to travel solely by railroad connection. In Sacramento, you will find more than 270 buses and more than 3000 bus stops.

  1. Weather in Sacramento

You will get to witness different weathers in Sacramento. The weather keeps on changing and you get to enjoy every season in Sacramento.

Summers are very hot here, but less humid. The summers are relatively dry in Sacramento as compared to other parts of the California state. Because the summers here are really dry, it is easy to tolerate them.

Sacramento does not witness snowfall in the winter season. Winters are cold. It is bearable or not, this depends on a person’s ability to adapt to the season. However, the winter season is usually not extremely cold and is bearable.

  1. Service Facilities in California
  • The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities provides and maintains water, drainage, and sewer collection in the city. The department takes care of the collection of the bills as well. Electricity bill, water, garbage, recycling, and sewer collection- all the bills appear together.
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) provide electricity and gas respectively. You can find numerous repair services in your area in case you need any like AC repair services, it repair services, and other services.
  • If you want to move something, you can hire movers in Sacramento.

6. Healthy eating in Sacramento

Sacramento has farms all around the city. As a result, you will always eat healthily in Sacramento. Restaurants use fresh farm produce so even if you are eating at a restaurant you never eat unhealthy food. The restaurants and food outlets keep rotating their menus according to the farm produce, so you get to eat a variety of dishes in Sacramento.

Some of the famous destinations to dine at in Sacramento are:

  • Famous Kabob
  • Biba Restaurant
  • Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken
  • Bacon and Butter

7. Nightlife in Sacramento

Ask people who are already staying in Sacramento and they will tell you how lovely it is. Nightlife in Sacramento has improved very much. A large number of bars, nightclubs have been opened in Sacramento. Downtown Sacramento has now come up with a wide range of bars, nightclubs, etc.

You can visit Pizza Rock Sacramento-they offer a variety of pizzas like gourmet pizzas, served with authentic drinks-beers, wine, and other cocktails. You can experience an energetic and enthusiastic environment here. They also have a DJ booth, so you can enjoy a night full of music with amazing authentic dishes.

Sacramento Comedy Spot- another one-stop destination for a night full of laughter. The largest comic school in Northern California put up shows here. The shows exhibit improv comedy, sketch, and stand up comedy. Many festivals also are organized by the Sacramento Comedy Spot.

Apart from these two, there are many amazing spots to have a fun-filled and lively night in Sacramento.

8. Leisurely Getaways in Sacramento

Sacramento is in very close proximity to so many leisurely destinations. There are historical destinations. You can visit various places to witness the culture of Sacramento, also there are so many freshwater lakes and rivers in Sacramento where people come to cool themselves and spend some time with nature. They perform various activities near these water bodies.

You can visit places like Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, San Francisco, Monterey, etc.

To avoid traffic, leave early, lest you will be late by 2-3 hours in reaching your destination.

9. Education in Sacramento

Sacramento has an established education system. You can find various schools, universities that have a good reputation.

Some of the famous public schools in Sacramento are:

  • Robla USD
  • Sacramento City USD
  • Twin Rivers USD
  • Elk Grove USD

Renowned colleges and Universities such as the University of California, Davis is also situated in Sacramento. If you compare the level of education of people in Sacramento to that of the United States, you will find that it is higher here in Sacramento.

  1. Employment Opportunities

Sacramento has the highest government job opportunities for its people as compared to the other parts of California. This is because Sacramento is the capital of the state of California. Other areas of employment include health care and professional services.

Some of the major employers here are:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Intel Corporation
  • AT&T California
  • Wells Fargo & Co.

A person must hold a high school degree at the least to get a job in Sacramento. However, there are some jobs where you can work without any degree as well.

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