Animal Rights Activists Steal Homeless Man’s Dog, Leaving Him In Tears

A shocking video showing French animal rights protesters forcibly removing the puppy of a homeless man has gone viral. The drama happened in Paris, where three activists approached a man, picked up his dog, and ran away with it. Both the dog and the man are clearly traumatized: the dog yelps and barks as it is snatched away, while its owner tries his best to take his pet back- but fails, howling in distress as he follows the activists down the street.

The activists represent the group ‘Cause Animale Nord’. A female member of the campaign group can be heard telling the homeless man: “You do not have the right… it’s against the law” as he attempts to grab at the puppy, while bystanders look on with shocked expressions. One shouts “it’s his dog”, but nobody steps in to help the crying man.

Cause Animale Nord claim that the puppy was drugged by the homeless man, but haven’t offered any evidence to support this. The homeless man is from the Roma community, a minority group which has been subject to a great deal of discrimination and institutionalized racism in recent years, particularly in FranceThe activists are trying to find a new home for the dog, but are under pressure to return it to its owner. Over 220,000 people have signed a petition calling for an investigation into the group’s conduct. 

Anthony Blanchard, president of Cause Animale, issued a statement which read: This video only shows a moment of our intervention, the puppy of two months, not vaccinated, which was in complete illegality of French legislation on the Paris pavement, a puppy that the Roma had drugged so it remained calm and did not move.”

Please let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section. Does having compassion for animals mean disregarding our moral obligations to other human beings? Is the right of a puppy to have vaccinations and a warm home a higher priority than that of a homeless person to enjoy the love and companionship that a pet can offer? Is blatant racism and suspicion of Roma people at the core of this disturbing video? Tell us what you think, and please consider sharing the story if you feel strongly about this issue.

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