Bernie Sanders Has Surged Ahead Of Clinton In Polls…So Why Is The Media Silent?

Back in August, Bernie Sanders surged ahead of Hillary Clinton in a New Hampshire poll, meaning the progressive candidate gained a 44-37 lead over his rival in the run for the Democratic nomination. Since then, his popularity has continued to grow, with many Americans feeling excited about real change in the same way Britons are excited about opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, and Canadians are excited about new socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This is much bigger than Obama’s pretentious campaign for change: this is a real movement, beginning at grassroots level and (hopefully) ending at the White House.

As Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks points out in the report above, people have had enough. Voting for another puppet who will help the rich get richer and invade more oil-rich countries isn’t an option. The people want justice, equality and peace, and there’s no better candidate than Sanders to give it to them. Uygur talks about the statistics, which show Sanders’s campaign has been a huge success: by the end of summer, he’d gone from taking just 8% of the vote to surging ahead with an impressive 44%.

So why is the media silent on Sanders’s massive success? Many U.S-based bloggers and vloggers have been complaining about this issue for a while. Donald Trump, an embarrasment to the nation, seems to be in the news daily. Sanders, who is clearly popular with a new generation of disillusioned voters, is barely mentioned (unless it’s to criticize and witch-hunt him). It’s easy to see why, though: the mainstream media is run by psychopathic right-wing nutjobs. Fact.

Happily, there are some exceptions to the media blackout of Sanders’s growing support base. Below, Sanders talks to Jimmy Kimmel about why his religion is irrelevant, why money isn’t as important as people think, and why he thinks his supporters will make voter turnout higher than ever before at the next election. Please share if you support him!

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