Ex-Convict Thought Life Was Going To Be Better After Winning $27 Million Lotto- It Only Got Worse …

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Everyone wants to win the lottery. Anyone would want to live their dream lives-travelling and crossing things off the bucket list-without having to work. But only a few are lucky enough to actually win. David Lee Edwards was one of them, and when he won, he was on top of the world- it seemed as if everything would be wonderful from then onward.

But life is unpredictable, and David was going to come across a curveball he never saw coming.

A Troubled Young Man

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David did not seem to have much of a future ahead of him. He dropped out of high school and was arrested for robbing a gas station. He spent a third of his life in prison and ended up having the drug addiction. For a brief time after incarceration, it seemed he would find happiness with Gail Morrison and their baby daughter Tiffani, but Gail soon divorced him, and when it seemed things could not get worse, they did.

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