Italian Restaurant Starts Offering Discounts To Families Whose Children Are Well-Behaved

Credit: Antonio Ferrari

Long family dinners are still a tradition in Italy, but the owner of a wine bar in Padua wants to ensure all his customers have an excellent time when they visit. It’s for this reason that Antonio Ferrari has begun offering discounts to families whose children are well-behaved.

The Guardian reports that Ferrari has respect for parents and their children, but doesn’t appreciate when kids are noisy, bother other diners, or leave great messes when they visit the establishment. It’s because of this that he’s adopted a new initiative which reduces a family’s bill when they visit with children who are respectful of their surroundings and other people.

Ferrari got the idea for the discount when he spotted a party of 11 at one of his tables, including five children who were sitting “with much composure.” He was so pleased by their calm behavior that he rewarded the group with a 5% discount on their ticket. They were so appreciative, they left a €30 (£25) tip, said Ferrari. A few other families have since received the same discount.

The owner of the wine bar has no problem with children, but he believes it is his responsibility to ensure the atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal for all who visit. Though he has no kids of his own, he respects those who do. “I imagine how difficult parenting is today,” he told Corriere della Sera.

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