Nicki Minaj Pays Off College Debt For Dozens Of Loyal Fans

The hip-hop artist sent transactions ranging from a few hundred dollars to $6,000 to loyal fans if they could prove they attain high grades.

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Credit: ABC News

On Saturday night, hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj was “Tweeting” about a contest in which participants who recorded the most creative dancing video to her recent musical single would be flown out to the studio and get to meet the loquacious rapper. In a joking manner, one of her fans responded: “Well, you wanna pay my tuition?”

Had it been anyone else, the question might have been shrugged off. But the hip-hop queen herself Tweeted back, writing, “Show me straight A’s that I can verify w/ur school and I’ll pay it. Who wants to join THAT contest?!?!Dead serious. Shld I set it up?”

As you can imagine, Nicki’s timeline blew up with requests from students. Anyone with a high GPA was asked to privately message the singer their bank information. According to TMZ, most of the requests were for less than $1,000. At least one individual, however, was promised $6,000 if he could prove what it was for. The fan, called Josh, said it was for tuition fees, accommodation, food and books.

After offering a good share of her time to fans on Twitter, Minaj closed out the competition by saying she would make the payments the next day. Additionally, she said she might open her inbox to more lucky students in two months.

“Ok u guys. It’s been fun. Let me make those payments tmrw then see if I have any money left. I’ll do some more in a month or 2,” she wrote.

Reportedly, a handful of people has already received deposits from Minaj. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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