Poll: 50% Of America Thinks Donald Trump Is Fascist

Credit: townhall.com
Credit: townhall.com

While select groups support Donald Drumpf because, reportedly, he “is not a politician” and “knows business” (which isn’t exactly true), a large majority of the American people cannot stand him. At least, that’s the latest according to a poll conducted by The Huffington Post / YouGov. 

The recent survey shed some light on what U.S. citizens really think about the Republican candidate nominee, and it isn’t too pretty. Of course, it’s not entirely surprising, either, as Trump has shown his sexist and racist colors on numerous occasions.

According to the survey, 49% of Americans either strongly agree or somewhat agree that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has fascist undertones. And only 30% of those surveyed disagreed with that statement.

1,000 Americans, both male and female and across a varying spectrum of age, race, political affiliation and income, were polled. Roughly 60% of respondents under age 30 either strongly or somewhat agreed that Trump’s campaign has fascist undertones. Meanwhile, 64% of black participants and 72% of Latino participants strongly or somewhat agreed with that statement.

USUncut reports that even among party affiliation, a majority of respondents said they saw fascism in Trump’s campaign. 71% of Democrats and 45% of Independents either somewhat or strongly agreed that there were fascist elements in the business tycoon’s campaign. Believe it or not, 28% of Republican respondents agreed with the statement.

Because the majority of Trump’s followers are ‘white’ and uneducated, it is intriguing that roughly half of those surveyed among all three income categories – under $50,000 a year, $50,000 to $100,000, and more than $100,000 – agreed that the orange-haired presidential candidate nominee is promoting fascist elements in his campaign.

Perhaps the public perceives Trump to be fascist because he openly supports waterboarding, wants to force Mexico to build a $26-29 billion dollar wall between the U.S. and itself, and is interested in banning all 1.6 billion Muslims from ever entering America. Who knows – it could be because, on numerous occasions, he has made sexist remarks towards women and insulted people with disabilities.

Credit: @PeterHild / Twitter
Credit: @PeterHild / Twitter

Perhaps it’s because he also incites violence at his rallies – asking supporters to “knock the crap out of” anyone who disagrees with him and his ideas.

Maybe people are so sure Trump‘s campaign has fascist undertones because shortly after Anonymous announced it had ‘leaked’ information of his to the public, the FBI and the Secret Service jumped on the chance to arrest the hackers… Even though the information had been available online for years. (Read: ‘Anonymous Pulls A Fast One On Donald Trump, The FBI, And Secret Service‘)

Of course, this is speculation. But, according to the American people, there is reason to be wary of electing Donald Trump as president. 

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