She Finally Found True Love On Her Third Try, Then This Happens


There’s nothing like being with the love of your life, even if it happens 40 years after the last time you had seen each other. For one particular couple, they had amazingly been reunited by what many considered as fate. And while they would finally begin what they believed would be the rest of their lives together, they would be horribly betrayed by their neighbor, a girl whom they believed was a sweet and kind young lady. But their happy lives would soon be lost when they would find themselves left in the ground, buried alive and never seen alive again.

The only silver lining in this disheartening story is the fact that all those at fault are now rightfully behind bars, as well as facing death row.

High School Sweethearts


Carol Alford and James “Reggie” Sumner had known each other while growing up in North Charleston. Throughout their years in Garrett High School, they were sweethearts, but sadly, their lives would take them away from each other, believing they would never see each other again.

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