The Future Is Here: Whole Foods Launches 100% Vegan Burger Bar

Credit: Latest Vegan News
Credit: Latest Vegan News

In a location like Colorado, there is an immense demand for plant-based offerings. In effect, a Whole Foods chain has launched what might be the most impressive burger bar to date.

Latest Vegans News relays that the Boulder Whole Foods is attracting customers with their popular Beyond Burger patties at an all-vegan burger and milkshake bar. Named The Beyond Burger, all offerings are 100% vegan, GMO, soy, and gluten-free. The patties are primarily comprised of pea protein.

One can order a single or a double burger and dress it up as they please. Reportedly, the Nina Squirrel Sriracha dressing is a crowd-pleaser. There are even vegan ‘cheese’ slices by Field Roast, one might add.

Garden chicken and fish-less fillet sandwiches are also available, in addition to sides like the Rolling Green millet “tater” tots and sweet potato hush puppies.

McKinzey Crossland, the spokesperson for Whole Foods, told LVN:

“We love when we can offer shoppers delicious, high-quality options that meet their dietary preferences, but still offer all the enjoyment and fun of conventional dishes. Whole Foods Market is all about sharing the love and joy of food, and we want to do that with dishes that are delicious, as well as healthy.”

“The burger bar is a perfect example. Whether vegans want to satisfy a craving for a serious burger, or whether carnivores are trying to lighten up their meal, we think this venue really appeals to everyone. Because it’s delicious!” she added.


Because more and more people are accepting that a plant-based diet is optimal for health and the environment, there is an increasing demand for wholesome, healthy cuisine that can be obtained at a fast rate for affordable prices. Amy’s Fast Food Drive Thru, located in California, has experienced much success, as the Boulder Burger Bar is likely to, as well.


Many are hoping that the Burger Bar expands and is installed in other Whole Foods around the nation.

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