When You Spot What Makes This Picture So Awesome, You’ll Applaud

Credit: John
Credit: John

Have you been around people lately? Whether on the subway or in a coffee shop, it’s rare true connection is made with another human being, for most people use their cellphones as a means to escape reality and those around them.

Sadly, though technology has only advanced to this level in the past couple of decades, it’s nearly everyone who is guilty of living through their phones rather than being present. And the picture captured by John Blanding at the Black Mass movie premiere in Brookline, Massachusetts perfectly shows this.

A crowd of fans is seen greeting movie stars with their smartphones held high, but only one woman is truly present and appreciating the experience. Can you spot her?

Credit: John
Credit: John Blanding

The woman’s contrasting approach has earned her heaps of praise on social media after the photo went viral.

It is a great reminder that life is in the now and measured by the amount of gratitude reaped from the experience, not the amount of likes accumulated on Instagram.

Are you dependent on technology and living only through social media? It’s something to ponder, and a thought worth sharing.

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