14 Year Old Hacker Sentenced To 45 Years In Jail – CIA Hired Him Instead

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Some kids have a brain for computers. In fact, some are born with the capabilities to bring down entire firewalls of government agencies that are in place for safety and security via hacking. One particular hacker who did this was a guy named James Kosta. At the unbelievable young age of 13-years, he emancipated himself from his parents and began a life of criminality and illegal hacking. Just one year later, everything came crashing down around him when he was caught by the Feds, but lucky for him, a judge took pity on the young boy and he was able to turn his life around, for good.

See how this 13-year old has now become one of the most respected businessmen in the gaming industry and how he’s helping to changed the world.

James Kosta

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James Kosta was only 13-years old when his parents were going through tough times. Like many other kids his age, he turned to the one thing that could take him away from the troubles at home and into a completely different world, his computer. Apparently it would seem that he would have a brilliant mind for computers, and soon enough he was earning more money than he could have imagined as a tween.

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