Scientists May Have New Evidence In Mysterious $200,000 Plane Hijacking Case

Boeing Corporation


After figuring this out, they came to the conclusion that this person probably worked for the Boeing Corporation, the same company that built the very plane Cooper had hijacked. Kaye even went on to say, “The tie went with him into these manufacturing environments, for sure, so he was not one of the people running these [manufacturing machines]. He was either an engineer or a manager in one of the plants.”

Citizen Sleuths


Citizen Sleuths continues to request for help from the public to see if anyone might be able to help wrap the case together with the new evidence. Kaye iterated, “Someone may be able to look at those particles and say ‘Oh my gosh. I know what that means having those particles on the tie’.” Kaye seemed to be pleading with citizens saying, “We’re trying to solve one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our time,” he said. “And we need your help.”

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