She Filed A Restraining Order Against Her Boyfriend… Then 2 Days Before They Were Due In Court, She Goes Missing.

Kara Kopetsky was a beautiful, young 17-year-old student living with her mother and stepdad. She was a bit rebellious, a bit difficult to deal with, and was trying to gain her independence as teenagers often do. But what distinguished her from many others her own age was that one day, she decided to walk out of school before time was up, and she was never seen again.

Read on to learn about the heartbreaking story of Kara Kopetsky.

A Sweet, Young Girl


Kara hailed from Belton, Missouri and was the result of a broken marriage. Her parents had decided to separate from each other early on, and by age 2, Kara was a child of divorce. As a result of belonging to a broken home, she never truly got over it. And when Kara was 11, Rhonda, Kara’s mom, eventually remarried a man named Jim Beckford.

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