21 Mind-Blowing True Stories Of Feral Kids Brought Up Amongst Wild Animals


While the idea of being raised by wild animals – away from the constrictions and imposed expectations of society – sounds intriguing and likely romantic, it is often anything but. Without the nurturing and education offered by human parents, children tend to become feral, similarly to the wildlife that took them in and taught them to survive.

Because the first few years of a child’s life are usually the most important for learning, being brought up in the wild can result in irreparable intellectual and/or physical impairment. Feral children often lack basic social skills and seem uninterested in the constructs created by society. Effects such as these and much more are relayed in the 21 true stories of feral kids brought up amongst wild animals.

The modern-looking photographs were captured by German-born, London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, who was inspired to explore the darker side of growing up under unusual circumstances. Learn more here.

1. Lobo Wolf Girl, Mexico, 1845-1852


In 1845, a Mexican girl was spotted running with a pack of wolves and attacking a herd of goat. One year later, she was seen running with the wolves again. This time, she was eating a goat. In 1852, residents spotted her again, this time suckling two wolf cubs. After she ran into the woods, however, she was never seen again…

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